Most students don’t take notes in a Sunday class. And insisting that your students sit with a notebook can be a little too much like school (or an excuse for doodling). However, taking notes really helps students to memorize what you are teaching. So, try getting your students to write notes on their fingers.

I got this idea from Living by the Book by Howard G. Hendricks and William D. Hendricks. The book is about inductive Bible study. The show you how to read the Bible and look out for important parts of the text. In order to help you remember, they use a finger per point. They suggest that when you read a text you should look for what is emphasized, repeated, related, alike, unlike and true to life. To remember this just write it on your hand like this…


You could use this technique to remember a narrative–one of Paul’s missionary journeys, for example–or a series of points in an argument, a list of applications from a text or a list of characteristics of godly character.

Alternatively, get them to take notes on a banana!! This sounds weird,  but a banana is perhaps the greatest writing surface for a ball point pen that has ever been discovered!

Notes on Titus 2:1-8: