If you are attempting to get students to learn a narrative in the Bible (a gospel, for example), try getting students to remember the main events by making a physical sign of the event. The sign can be accompanied by a short phrase to describe the event. Here are some phrases I came up with for the gospel of John:

Putting on flesh… baptized by John…cynical Nate…turning water into wine… freak-out in the temple…thinking about new birth…woman at the well…healing people…feeding the five thousand…talking about the bread of life…giving sight to the blind…claiming to be God…raising Lazarus from the dead…promising the Holy Spirit… reconciling God and man…really rising from the dead.

Each phrase had an accompanying action that illustrates the event. Having a physical component really helps the memory. This technique was used in Walk Through the Bible to help people learn the whole story of the Bible. Have a look: