backwards planIf you have a really smart class that always seems to know what you are going to say next try doing the lesson plan backwards.

A normal lesson plan might look like this: Recap what was learnt last week, look at this week’s text, discuss what is going on in the text, make main point, pull out three supporting points, tell personal story, repeat main point, make application made to every day life.

Now switch it: start with their everyday life, discuss the problems they have in a particular area, ask three pertinent questions, tell personal story,  read text and show how those questions are answered and support main point, make main point, link what you have said to previous week’s class or even next week’s class.

This idea is drawn from two preaching methods – “deductive” and “inductive.” The deductive method begins with the main point and then supports it. Inductive methods require starting with the life of the student and leading them to the text through a series of questions. An inductive sermon makes the main point at the end.